i'm a big kid now

my name is Veronica. i work in and am passionate about higher education, would have more jobs if i had more time, and live with my boyfriend, who is training to be an mma fighter. i am random and this is my life.

so about 6 weeks late on this video, but my dear tumblr friend joannafreed posted it and I’m obsessed. Like she puts it, “How many music videos did you make in front of your mirror at the age of 17? 400? And at 25? 4,000”

i’m a sucker for disney pop music (except the boy bands. no one can compare to *NSYNC….except for those two lines in that one song “la la la WHATEVER la la la IT DOESN’T MATTER!) so i love the song. 

and i can’t deny my love for JB (have y’all seen “Never Say Never”? You need to.) and I kind of have a girl crush on Selena Gomez…and I’ll add Ashley Tisdale to that list after seeing this. 

enjoy :)

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the past couple of weeks have been interesting ones. above all there has been one thing on my mind.

i checked my facebook wednesday night and saw that the best friend of my 15 year old sister wrote a status about the death of their friend.

i never met this beautiful young lady, but had heard her name for years. she committed suicide. she was also 15.

no one knows the real reason, but some are claiming it had to do with a boyfriend/exboyfriend.

whatever the reason, it saddened me to think about this young lady feeling so empty, so useless, with no where else to turn. i’m sick of suicide being the new trend. our children need to understand that no matter how bad things may be, there is always someone there for you. there is always something to live for.

see! you get the travel, and i get to grapple.

it’s been about a month since I updated you on anything regarding my life (shocker!) but since graduate classes and a new semester at work started, life has been packed.


  • the boyfriend competed in a grappling tournament and won 2nd place :)


  • the competition was in Philly, so we did the inevitable Pat’s vs Geno’s cheesesteak taste test. Pat’s won above and beyond!
  • We took a trip to Atlantic City to watch a fight featuring two MMA fighters from our fight team, and utilized a LivingSocial deal for a room with a view of the beach. The two fighters won their fight! and we had a great time. Favorite pic:


That’s my social life. Work life will be a different post :)

signs you’re an adult

inspired by Joanna

on your day off, you’re most excited to clear out the OWN programming on your DVR and organizing your spice cabinet


yeah…that’s a list of what’s on each shelf. in alphabetical order.

domestication looks good on me

it’s been a while since i updated you on MY life, but everything is fantastic. Work is amazing. i received an award, after 3 months of working here, for the great work i’ve done :) not to toot my own horn or anything! School went very well! I currently have a 3.81 cum GPA.

i’m currently on winter break from school, and i’ve joined the the mma/kickboxing gym and get to class 5 times a week, which is amazing. i’m getting in shape, i’ve got a great little familly there and i get to spend more time with my boo.

on top of that, my goal this semester is to cook more! I had a couple of girlfriends over for dinner one night and blew their mind with a simple pasta dish and chicken cutlets (where I was introduced to Billy on the Street by my friend Stephanie, which is the funniest ish since…ever), and yesterday I made BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes and veggies. i took some pics throughout the process :)

boiling potatoes


my awesome new strainer


delicious mashed


the finished product


final consensus was that the mashed was bomb, veggies were delish (they were frozen, so duh!) and meat was good, but next time, I’ll need to tenderize the meat before cooking it. All in all, plates were empty at the end of the night :)